How is the price of a billboard determined?

It goes without saying that the more you buy of something, the cheaper it becomes. Although the price of a billboard does depend on more factors. The total price of a billboard is roughly the sum of the media price (board rental), applicable taxes, printing and posting tax. In addition, the prices for these components in turn also vary frequently. This calls for a word of clarification.

20 m² for 2 weeks

Out Of Home advertising (OOH) boasts the highest reach and exposure frequency per thousand impressions compared to other mass media channels such as radio, TV, magazines, etc. (Source: Clear Channel). Billboard campaigns, as one of the main forms of OOH Advertising, are thus a very cost-effective form of advertising.

The media price of one large 20m² billboard along a busy arterial road ranges between €300 and €600. This estimate is indeed very wide, but that's what you get when "reach" plays an important indicator. Billboards with a size of 20m² are the most common variant. But formats are very diverse, there are options from 4 to even 36 m² in all possible locations.

Periods? These vary according to the advertiser's objective from 1 week to a period of 3 years.


Als je voor langere tijd of op grotere gevelpanelen adverteert, betaal je uiteraard meer. Daarnaast spelen de sterkte van de locatie (meer passanten) en de periode van het jaar ook een belangrijke rol in de prijs. Taksen, productiekost en aanplakking schommelen minder fel.

For regional and national campaigns of tens to several hundred signs, reductions in media and production costs can drastically bring down an all-in price per sign.

Recurring advertisers with a lower purchase, too, can often enjoy a discounted price, although not comparable to the larger campaigns.

So what is decisive for the price of a billboard?

  • The size of the campaign
  • Supply and demand across networks: scarcity/oversupply/forecasts on the market
  • The loction (reach)
  • The duration of the campaign
  • The size of the billboard
  • The time of year (primetime)

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