8 Tips for your new car wrap

Getting your car stickered, wrapped, subtle branding. The possibilities of car wraps are endless. One thing is for sure, if you do have a fleet of vehicles, it is better to personalise it! However, there are some things you should take into account for your next lettering. Below we give you some tips!

Tip 1: Note down the most important info

Every vehicle has its specific shapes. Each brand its types and variants. Therefore, it is best to start with a rough sketch: what will be on the sides, front and rear, and how? What make, type and year of manufacture is it? What colour is the vehicle, which examples appeal most to me? When can we spare the car(s) for a while?

Initially, these are already the most important things that it is best to gather for yourself to ensure a smooth operation. As with many things, the same applies to a carwrap or vehicle lettering: the better the enquiry, the better the result!

Tip 2: Determine your budget and execution

Vehicle lettering can come in all shapes and sizes, from small to large. It is perfectly possible to implement your corporate identity. If you want it to remain subtle and stylish, your logo on the sides and rear will suffice. If creativity and awareness play a bigger role in the house style, then full or half wraps are the best solution to continue that story on the streets!

Of course, budgets also play their part in the choices. Therefore, it is always
useful to have an indication. For subtle lettering on
passenger cars (sides & rear) you already have a nice version for 100
to 150 euros per car. If you go for a half or full carwrap, it is best
take into account a price budget of +€2000 per car.

An important note here is that the number of cars plays a big factor in establishing the total price!

Tip 3: An extra accent makes all the difference

Do you want to highlight your message or logo just a little bit more. At night, the greatest effect of lettering and wraps usually falls away, to counteract that, you can add an extra touch to the essence of your message.

​So be sure to ask about the possibilities of accentuating your carwrap with reflective foils and other options.

Tip 4: The preliminary draft, check it to be sure

After you have discussed the necessary info and your wishes for the design, a design drawing will follow on the effective model. This shows what the result of the stickers or wrapping will look like in real life.

​Thanks to an image database, it is possible to follow the precise lines of your vehicle, thus doing full justice to the design.

Tip 5: Consider the execution

Stickering, lettering or wrapping is done in our own workshop or at your
company site. An important condition for installation is that placers
can work in a dry, wind-free area and that power supply is available.

Tip 6:Clean your vehicle

Before the wrap, it is best to stop at the car wash. That way, we avoid the foils coming off prematurely, not being glued perfectly or containing irregularities.

Tip 7: Best to avoid high-pressure cleaners

After your car has put on its new coat, it is best to wait a while before the next carwash visit, a week will do!

However, it is still important to handle this with care afterwards,
High-pressure cleaners and hard brushes can affect the gloss and protection of the
film when used too often.

Tip 8: For optimum appearance retention, it is best to replace your wrap after 4 years

With correct installation under the right conditions and proper
maintenance, a vehicle lettering or wrap can last 3 to 5 years. If you leave lettering sticking longer than that period, chances are that the removal of the film will take much longer. In short, the cost of removing the current advertising will be a lot higher.

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